Are you ready for a baby?

So you're ready for a baby. Maybe you're a little unsure about what you are getting yourself into. There are many questions you must ask yourself and consider. One of the most important things in a child's life is having a stable, loving and nurturing environment to grow up in and where possible, both a mother and a father figure to look up to and learn from. Because these two roles are critical in a child's development they are especially critical in the decision making process before conception.

Your partner may have some pretty strong ideas on pregnancy and childbearing, and getting these out in the open and chatting about them freely is vital to any decision making process. Above all, be honest with your partner. Try to see things from each other's perspectives. It's not always possible to agree on everything, but at least communication will begin the process of making decisions.

Some things to consider with your partner are:

  • Are you both equally willing to be dedicated to parenting?
  • Are you both prepared to give up some comforts of life, such as sleeping in on weekends, or paying for a babysitter every time you want to go out?
  • Do you and your partner have religious differences or differences in life goals and ambitions?
  • Have you considered how you will handle any special needs your child may require?
  • What about balancing work and family. How will your finances cope?
  • Who will be the primary breadwinner?
  • How much time should be spent with baby? What are your views on day-care?
  • Are you and your partner able to raise the child in a healthy environment with good role-models?

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