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Positive pregnancy test

Mums reveal how they shared their amazing 'miracle of life' news

"Ours was a bit clinical as we were doing IVF. We had a blood test in the morning 13 days after our embryo transfer, then I had to wait until a clinic nurse rang through the results. After years of doing this I'd worked out if the phone call was before 2.30pm it was a positive; after that it was a negative. The afternoon came around; still no phone call. Finally, at 4.55pm, a nurse rang, apologising because the clinic had been so busy, and told me I was pregnant. It was one of the longest days of my life."
Suzanne, 38, mum to Abby, 18,
Ethan, 9, Ashton, 5,
and Lily, 22 months

"We had been trying for 12 months and I was on my last possible cycle of Clomid. My period was due so I decided to take a test. When I saw the two lines appear, my heart started pounding. I quickly ran and told my husband. We were both so excited. We told the rest of our family the news by dressing our daughter in a T-shirt that said, 'I am going to be a big sister'."
Kristy, 23, mum to Kate, 3,
and Charlie, 4 months

"We had been trying to fall pregnant for months. On my partner's birthday I did a pregnancy test and those two little pink lines came up. I wanted to be sure before I told him, so I did four more tests and they were all positive. I told him by giving him a ‘Happy Birthday Daddy' card. We found out at five weeks that I was pregnant and she arrived on Valentine's Day."
Tracey, 20, mum to
Ashelin, 13 months

Why should you supplement throughout pregnancy?

Why should you supplement throughout pregnancy?

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