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Choosing the right pregnancy supplement is important. Elevit with Iodine provides the essentials nutrients needed for baby’s healthy development and is a one a day tablet, making it an easy way to support your baby’s health, and your own, at every stage of pregnancy.


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Name of supplement Folate Elemental Iron Iodine
Recommended daily intake 600μg
27mg 220μg
Product comparison Product daily dosage (μg) Product daily dosage (mg) Product daily dosage (μg)

Elevit with Iodine
(1 tablet daily)

800 60 250
Blackmores Pregnancy
and Breastfeeding Gold
(2 caps daily)
500 10 150
GO Healthy Pregnacy & Breastfeeding Advance (2 caps daily) 500 5 84
Swisse Ultinatal Pre-Conception & Pregnancy Multivitamin (2 caps daily)  500 10 220
Bioceuticals InNatal (2 caps daily)  500 0 270
Bioceuticals InNatal Plus Iron (2 caps daily) 500 15 270
Forever Mum Preconception+ Pregnancy (1 cap daily) 500 5 150